General Podiatry

Foot Doctor Podiatry offers diagnosis and treatment to a range of foot and lower leg conditions. Below is a small portion of common disorders:

  • Ingrown toenail pain.

  • Heel pain.

  • Planter fasciitis.

  • Flat feet.

  • Shin splints.

  • Cracked heels.

  • Toe nail or skin fungal infections.

  • Corns & Callous.

  • Thickened toe nails.

  • Hard to cut toe nails.

  • Verruca (wart) treatment.

  • Ankle & Knee pain.

  • Children growing pains, such as Severs Syndrome.

  • ACC treatment.

Podiatrists are in demand more than ever today due to a rapidly growing and aging population.

To help you solve any foot issues you may have, feel free to contact us.