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 Depending of Clinic Locations we are able to speak in the following languages:

Mandarin Cantonese Dari Persian Hindi Urdu Farsi Azari Turkish Gujarati

Our podiatrists hold current Annual Practicing Certificates and are NZ Podiatrist Board certified, foot specialists.

If you feel like you may have a foot disorder please don't hesitate to contact us.

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 General Podiatry

Foot Doctor Podiatry offers diagnosis and treatment to a range of foot and lower leg conditions.

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Diabetic Foot Checks

Diabetes is becoming a major challenge for everyone and foot complications are one of the most common complications associated with this condition.

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery

While signs and symptoms can vary dramatically, the diagnosis of an ingrown toe nail is generally straight forward.

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Heel Pain Treatment

Because there are many potential causes it is important to have this condition examined and diagnosed early.

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Orthotic Shoe Inserts

They are typically prescribed and modified to suit your feet as part of a treatment plan to help restore your ability to walk, or run by reducing pain

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Education Presentations

At the Foot Doctor Clinic,  we think it is important to pass on any advice or tips in regards to foot care.

 We have competitive pricing.


The team that helps you


Sarah Saadat - Head Podiatrist

Education: Bachelor of Health Science. Major Podiatry: BHSc (Podiatry).

Registration: Podiatrist Board of New Zealand.

Clincs: Torbay, Northcote and Helensville Clinic

Languages spoken: Dari. Hindi, Urdu, English

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Chris Rewi - Podiatrist

Education: Bachelor of Health Science. Major Podiatry: BHSc (Podiatry).

Registration: Podiatrist Board of New Zealand.

Clinic: Millwater

Languages spoken at Millwater: Cantonese, Mandarin, Gujarati, Hindi, English




Narges Kanani - Podiatrist

Education: Bachelor of Health Science. Major Podiatry: BHSc (Podiatry).

Clinic: Millwater

Languages spoken at Millwater: Persian, Farsi, Azari, Turkish


Jessica Drake-Walter - Admin/Marketing

I have worked in medical administration for five years and in the last three I have owned and operated a cleaning company. My role at Foot Doctor Podiatry is to liaise with PHOs, Medical Practices and Patients to grow our company .

Foot Doctor Podiatry is a Sweet Louise and Southern Cross Health Society Provider.

Sweet Louise is the only charity in New Zealand that solely focuses on improving the quality of life for hundreds of women and men living with incurable breast cancer. They offer information, advice, support and access to a range of practical and therapeutic services free of charge. Sweet Louise currently supports almost 600 members around the country.

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